UltraMap Framework

  • Fully integration of UltraCam hardware/software
  • Scales well with heterogeneous systems
  • Fully utilizes available resources
  • Load balancing
  • Storage management
  • Support field and main office environment
  • Stand-alone mode

UltraMap AT

  • Interactive visualization of full-resolution level 2 images aligned as index map
    • Panchromatic
    • Color (RGB/CIR)
  • Complete 16 bit image pipeline
  • Overlap visualization using color-coded regions
  • Vector overlay data for additional
    information visualization
  • Single and multi-projection for ground
    control points
  • Guided ground control point
  • Automated tie point collection
  • Photogrammetric bundle adjustment
  • Sub-block support

UltraMap provides a complete and integrated photogrammetric workflow for UltraCam images. It consists of a flexible and scalable distributed system for managing and processing vast amounts of UltraCam data integrating UltraCam-specific hardware such as the DX data units, and the DKS docking station to support field and office environments.

UltraMap SystemMonitor V0.41
  • UltraMap manages data download, distributed level 0-2/2-3 data processing, aerial triangulation, and interactive data visualization for quality control
  • Modules are based on two core technologies, the UltraMap Framework and DragonFly, another core component based on the Microsoft Seadragon technology
  • Framework is responsible for distributing UltraCam data across a heterogeneous system using load balancing and resource management
  • DragonFly fully supports multi-channel 16

The UltraMap AT package exploits both core technologies in order to provide interactive point measurement, and efficient distributed tie pointing for aerial triangulation of your projects.

UltraMap JobMonitor V0.41



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