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The UltraCamX owner can choose the path that provides the most benefits for their clients.

Vexcel Imaging is offering a full upgrade path to an UltraCamXp. The upgrade involves three core components: the sensor unit (SX), the data unit (DX) and the image processing software. The three upgrades are independent and can therefore be performed in any order. This provides maximum flexibility for UltraCamX owners to fit the upgrade process into their flying schedules, maintenance schedules and budgets.

Sensor upgrade

To upgrade the SX sensor unit to an SXp, the SX needs to be sent to Vexcel Imaging in Austria. Vexcel Imaging takes the old 7.2 micrometer CCD (charge-coupled device) array out of the SX housing and puts in the new 6-micrometer CCD array. The SX is then re-assembled, calibrated and fully tested, resulting in an SXp (with a different serial number from the SX). This process takes approximately four weeks.

Data unit upgrade

To upgrade the DX data unit to a DXp, the DX needs to be sent to Vexcel Imaging in Austria. Vexcel Imaging takes the old 160GB hard drives out of the DX and puts in the new 320GB hard drives. The DX is re-assembled and fully tested, at which point it is a DXp (with a different serial number from the DX). This process takes approximately two weeks.

Software upgrade

All OPC users can upgrade their software to the UltraMap Workflow Software System or UltraMap/AT (UltraMap with an Aerial Triangulation module). For this upgrade, Vexcel Imaging sends the new software. Training is available for the UltraMap and is especially recommended for the UltraMap/AT functionality, which provides interactive point measurement and efficient distributed tie pointing for aerial triangulation.


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